A collaboration with Eleoner Wenham

 Where do you go when you {dis} connect?

Fractured Realities is a three part multimedia invitation to look introspectively at your digital and physical Identity. Through the use of 28 aphorisms – a concise statement or observation of general truth – this collaborative project explores questions including:

  • What is the visual language of connection? 
  • How can we reflect on living in-between a physical and digital reality?
  • How can we connect the narratives of lived experience?

1: Performative publication 

Medium: Clear film, Fine Linen, Mountboard, soft Banner, polyester film

Divided into 4 sections, the performative publication explores the physical sensation of interaction through a range of materials, using visual languages including mapping, tables and timelines as structural devices to frame the poetic and reflective flow of the aphorisms.

2: Material activism

Connecting reflective materials and self-reflective language, the laser engraved panels explore the physical reflection of language through natural light and colour within urban environments. The panels invite those who live in the chaos of the city to experience a moment of self-reflection.

3: Spoken reflection

An audiovisual interpretation of Fractured Realities as an alternative medium of self-reflection.

“I want to wake up when I fall asleep so that I can understand reality.

Understand the self, the collective, the society.

Find clarity in an open-ended conclusion – comfort in complacency.

Social media is screaming for the future, restricted by the present,

Wanting to feel connected while staying disconnected.

But what does it mean to “be human”

During a time when society is more focused on technological advancement than healthcare?

Daily chores to maintain an “identity” in a subliminally seductive world.

/Stay awake.

And yet humans continue to connect; orally, physically, digitally

Where do I feel most at home – online or in my skin/the mirror?

Our world is complex, so why mistake labels for clarity rather than accept complexity?

Find flow in our transient instability.

Comfort in finding beauty in humanity; transcending screens;

Accepting the disparity of connection in our social spaces

and choosing to amplify the true value of connection: